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altOccasionally we see excellent spiritual and empowerment teachers go through really challenging times. It could be a bad physical condition, a serious accident, nasty litigation, a conflict-filled divorce, a problematic relative or friend, addictions and other things.

Presently I myself am dealing with several of the above.

So why on earth would you use my tools to improve your life if I am still manifesting hardship?

I use my tools because they are designed to empower us in a conflict-ridden, low frequency environment. An environment that has people who will attack you either because they are of a low frequency Source, or because they have open doors to negativity. A human created environment that does not support your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your energy body or your egoic body.

They are tools that help you get out of wrong programs, assist you in getting informed and streetsmart, and also support you through really rough times in your life. They also help you to discern negative from positive choices and people, so that your life improves and gets more supportive, happier, healthier and better as time goes by.

I saw this picture on the internet and it reminded me of a situation I heard about some time back. It also reminded me of a question that was posted by a member at that was related to changing a country/society by our presence there.

A few years ago I met a beautiful woman, powerful, empowered, and highly intelligent woman, who had decided to work for Monsanto so that she could change things from the inside. I don’t actually remember what her position within the company was, but she worked there for many years. She said she had made multiple proposals for change, and had many conversations with managers and project leaders on how things could be done better.

When I asked her if she had changed anything in all those years, she said that there was at least one employee who worked there that left the company after several in depth conversations. She said that this employee told her she had made a huge change in her life. I asked her about the company, had she made any changes on how the company operated. She  responded that she didn’t see any positive changes. That Monsanto got stronger, bigger and more powerful each year. She decided to leave, but was still unsure if she had done the right thing, whether she should go back, whether giving up was right, or wrong.

I have received some messages and posts the past few weeks asking if my books are available in paperback format. Yes they are :)

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