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In 2015, Larry and I worked very hard to get property at the Makah Reservation to start a meeting spot, a place where people who are embodying the new paradigm would be able to arrive at, hang out, have courses, meditations, and just BE.

We pushed this decision very, very hard. A year later, we were doing an exercise at Walk With Me Now, which was to “pretend an alternative reality” about an important project or work, or relationship we had or planned on having.


This is the text of the exercise we did in May 2016:


Sometimes we get “stuck” in a project, relationship, situation, location, health issue or other item. We push and push and it doesn’t get anywhere. Or, when we review our life, we find that we haven’t gotten anywhere but are in a place of either compromise or that we settled for because we didn’t have the resources to achieve what we really wanted.


Often we do this for survival, or for relatives, or for our significant other. Or because we have huge personal blocks in our financial health or physical situations.


This week, I would like to invite you to “pretend a different reality”. Here are some examples you can use to pick one for the next two weeks:

  • You live in a city: Pretend you are moving to the country, mountain or tropical beach.

  • You are working on an important project: Pretend you drop it and forget all about it.

  • You are in a relationship: Pretend you are single.

  • You are single: Pretend you are in a relationship.

  • You are a parent: Pretend those kids are not yours.

  • You have a job: Pretend you don’t have one.

  • You don’t have a job: Pretend you have one.


For the next two weeks, pretend, really get into the alternative reality. Make it something that “matters”.


These are big items. As we still need to go to work, for example, or live in the same house as partners and kids, if you choose one of those, do it as often as you can during the day. And make up a “story”. You are babysitting, you are living with a roommate. You are looking after someone else’s job while they are away. If you are “moving to a different location”, check rentals or houses for sale, “book” your tickets, “arrange” a moving company.


Physically challenged? Pretend you are pain free and healthy. Feel that strength!


By all accounts, you ARE in the alternative reality.


Dropping a “solid” reality for an alternative one for two weeks can give us some amazing insights, but also, sometimes, it can dislodge long held patterns, beliefs, programs and situations for much better ones. It gives us permission to “feel” differently about things, and often shifts the weight that gathers on us when we live from compromised choices. And sometimes it strengthen the choices we already made as being the perfect ones.


Larry and I decided to drop the need to have the Shamanshack inside the reservation. Leasing land from the reservation for any type of project or business we found to be a long game of loop jumping. We dropped it completely to see what would happen. We also dropped a plan and big effort we had to get native land to live on (leased for free to Larry as Makah) at the reservation and buying a log cabin kit to put on it.  This second project also had innumerable loops to jump through.


At some point that day, I mentioned to Larry that I had never been to Ozette lake, and whether we could go there soon. The next day while driving home, Larry remembered about the lake and we decided to go visit. As we were on the main road to the lake, I kept thinking how amazingly beautiful the energy was there. At mile 11, we drove past a house where one of Larry's kids best friends lives and across the street from her house, we saw a little house for sale.


The house for sale was on 1.5 acres with a creek running behind it. We stopped and looked around, the energy was super nice. We wondered if to go inside, we tried the doors but they were locked. Then I saw a bird trapped inside the house, it was desperate and would die if we left it there... so Larry basically tried the back door again and it simply opened for us even though it was locked! I kept looking at it, I guess it wasn't locked? Yet, it had a lock on it and we had both tried it already unable to open it.


It was super strange.


Larry rescued the bird, and seeing as we were there, with the door open, we investigated the inside of the house.


Outside I checked the roof, and could see it needed replacing. The inside needed gutting out and maybe the structure could be salvaged.


We wondered how much they might want for it. The structure is perfect for a large studio/event room, and it has bedrooms and a fair sized kitchen


Outside there were some fruit trees, it had a well, and there is a septic system that needs to be revamped.


We wondered why no one had bought it yet, it is in such a beautiful location! When I looked inside and the roof, the reason was obvious. No bank would give a loan on it. The inside has water damage and smells bad because of it. The roof needed replacing and the whole house was built before building codes were created (probably).


We got home and looked online, the price is set at 49.500! Larry and I could not believe it. So low? A house at that price is unheard of. And it was the exact amount we had saved toward the Shamanshack and a house for ourselves and living costs for the winter months. Basically, all our savings.


We phoned the realtor and she said that the sellers, which was a bank,  had accepted an offer recently but the buyers bank would not lend on it because of the repairs needed. She said that she was getting many inquiries on it, lots, but everyone needed a loan and no bank will lend. So, she was looking for a cash offer.


We felt that once the house is pretty and usable, we could generate income from it by hosting small events there. It is a perfect place to hold shamanshack classes and courses!


We made a cash offer.  She agreed to meet with us the next day. Because it is bank owned, there was no point haggling over the price. We gave her an offer on the asking price.


The thought was simple at this point. If it comes easily and effortlessly, then it was the Shamanshack Mystical School. If not, then OMG there is something even better out there!!


As a matter of interest, the land used to belong to the Makah Indians before the treaties and land sales of the 1800s


The period between dropping the control of manifesting a Shamanshack and house, and receiving the keys for the Shamanshack was exactly two weeks.


To clarify, we have no plans to live in the Shamanshack because Larry being Makah, has to live at the reservation in order to be able to work as a tribal fisherman. We are addressing the issue of manifesting a house we can live in at the reservation but that’s another story to be told another day. However, as well as a place of connection and meeting, it also does very much support me personally as our liveaboard is too small for me to work on visual and sound empowerment projects. Many people visit us or want to visit with us and we have nowhere to meet or host them at the moment. When completed, it will support our personal lives as well as those who will arrive here to reconnect, learn, teach and BE. But mostly, it is a location where Gaia can express a true connection with us. It is beautiful and filled with life.  There is no hurry, and there is hurry and enthusiasm. It is not needed, but very much wanted. It does call individuals to come and stay, and others are rejected by it. It is magical, mystical, and open to high vibrational frequency experiences.


It is now April 2017, and thanks to our volunteers, paid workers, Larry’s fishing, my book sales and many, many donations, we have been able to address multiple issues that needed fixing at the Shamanshack. We still need to fix the roof, which is going to be done by a work team on the 15th April.  More news on that coming up soon.  And YES, we do welcome your donations toward the roof and other repairs. If you feel inspired to do so, the donations sent to this paypal account are presently going directly to the Shamanshack: