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Inelia Benz Retreats 2017

[2017 Retreats were fully booked, if you would like to apply for the 2018 retreats, sign up for my newsletter]

  • August 18th to 24th  2017
  • September 14th to 20th 2017

Embodying the New Paradigm. How to create a high frequency life experience on Earth. A deep exploration of what Oneness is, enlightenment is, and how these relate to Paradigms of existence in a human body on Earth. Inelia will also relate and explore with you alternative timelines and expressions of reality in a human body that are open to be looked at.

We will also explore the difference between a journey to Oneness, a journey of expansion of awareness (ascension) and a journey of conscious manifestation ... and how all these relate to each other. The aim of this retreat is that by its completion, you will know what you want to achieve as your physical and soul experience here on Earth, and how to carry it out. Also, to spend time with other individuals who have super high intents of vibrational frequency.

There is a minimum requirement of 5 individuals and a maximum of 8 for each retreat, so if you intend to come, please book now.


The full cost of this retreat is $2500. If you choose to volunteer for cleaning, driving, cooking or other needed support, there is a $400 discount.

If you are a member, the cost is $1750

You will be sent a link with your total amount to pay once you book your place.

What is Included?

  • Six days of exploration into the retreat theme, meditations, contemplation, tools and exercises.
  • All food and drink during the 6 days.

What is not included?

  • Accommodation and transport are not included in this retreat.

Options for Accommodation:


A list of hotels will be provided with your event information package.

At the Shamanshack:

  • Six beds (bunks) are available. Two beds in one room and four beds in a second room. First come first served. The cost for bunk beds is $50 per night.
  • One private bedroom with a large king size bed. The cost for this room is $100 a night.
  • Individuals can also bring tents or trailers, there's some room so let us know if this is your intent. There will be a cost of $20/night per person for tents and trailers. (this includes use the bathroom, portapotty, laundry (bring your own soap), outdoor or indoor shower, and the Shamanshack kitchen).  We are pricing the purchase of more tents if you would like to use a tent but are traveling from afar or don't have one.

Individuals using the rooms or staying in the tents or trailer will be expected to coordinate cleaning and leaving all communal spaces nicer than they found them every day

If you bring your dog/s, make sure to clean up after them and control their behavior with other pets and people. If you are traveling with kids, nursing infants, or significant others who are not participating in the retreat, we will need to coordinate with you on a case to case basis.

For participants, there is a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 5 for each event.

Travel to and from the Shamanshack.

The nearest airport is SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport).

Travel from and to Sequim (two hours from the Shamanshack) at the collection place for the airport shuttle can be coordinated, as well as travel to and from nearby hotels, but there will be a cost for this depending on the number of people per trip (cost of vehicle if we need to rent one, driver if we need to pay someone and fuel if we need to pay for it).

If you are not renting a car, you can book a ride to Sequim with to drop you off at their office in Sequim. If you are getting the Go Rocket Man shuttle, please let us know your arrival time so we can collect you from there. There is a two hour journey from their office to the Shamanshack. When you get to their office, don't cross the highway to wait for us. Stay on their office side of the highway and you can also walk three buildings up the road to the best natural and organic supermarket in the region called "Sunny Farms"

Before we set off to the Shamanshack, we will go to Sunny Farms (if they are open) to use their restroom and get something to eat (they have sandwiches and hot food for all healthy diets), as there is a two hour drive from there to the Shamanshack.

If you plan to stay at a hotel during the event, we will post options (August is hard to book as it's a popular destination). You can google "Sekiu", "Neah Bay" or "Clallam Bay" for accommodation options. Let us know what you find, and we will do the same.

There are no discounts if you only use some of the event days.

There is no internet, so this event will not be streamed.

Communication with the outside world during the retreat:

There is a phone at the Shamanshack that can receive calls, but cannot make long distance calls. If you need to make outgoing calls to family and friends, make sure you have a Verizon phone as no other carriers are covered here. Coverage is patchy, but there are some places in the land that you can make calls from



This is a very important point with regard these retreats. For the formal days of each retreat, all food, drinks, and activities will be fully scheduled and organized by us. Inelia will be there every day, and we will do several activities related to the theme of the retreat. There will also be guided and silent meditations, and social activities, (music, bbq, bonfires, hiking, and just hanging out with each other, etc..) The social activities are solely optional.

After the official end of each retreat you are welcome to stay at the Shamanshack for the cost of the bed/tent etc.. Or visit every day from your hotel. Inelia will be there some days, mostly in the afternoon or evenings. We can chat, hang out, meditate and generally just be. All food and drinks will be your personal responsibility if you do stay past each event, and the use and cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry are to be coordinated among all those who stay. You can also use the Shamanshack as your hub while you explore the amazing trails, lakes and ocean activities of the Olympic Rain Forest.

You might want to come to the retreat in August and stay for the one in September. There will be an event cost for each retreat though if you do this.


Please note that there will be no private personal processing sessions offered on this retreat.

If you need more information before making a decision, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.